Business Formation

Ms. King has assisted many individuals in achieving their dream – to start their own business.  She has set up persons in both corporations and limited liability companies and the various documents needed for the setup.  Ms. King identifies the other documents necessary for the business, including confidentiality agreements, shareholders’ agreements, and memoranda of understanding, setting forth the future plans between interested parties.  Ms. King also reviews and counsels parties on contracts and written prospects presented to them, including leases and licensing agreements.

Ms. King believes it is essential to have the proper paperwork in place at the beginning of the business to prevent problems from arising later.  Proper agreements in place will guide partners moving forward and can make any dissolution or buy-out an orderly process.

Landlords, licensors and franchisors often present to new or ongoing businesses very one-sided agreements in their favor.  Ms. King also believes it is essential for businesses to have franchise and licensing agreements and leases reviewed and revised so that the documents contain language beneficial to the business.

It is not too late to get the proper documentation together for your company.  Many ongoing businesses have come to Ms. King because they realize that it is critical, especially as the business grows, to have the proper agreements memorialized in writing.