Construction Litigation

Often the most power tool for a contractor or subcontractor to be paid is the assertion of a mechanic’s lien.  However, the laws governing the right to a mechanic’s lien are specific, the deadlines are not flexible, and incorrect procedure or omitted information could lead to a court dismissing the mechanic’s lien filing on a technicality.  Therefore, it is crucial that a mechanic’s lien petition follow the law in all respects.

Ms. King has both pursued and defended mechanic’s lien actions on behalf of clients in Maryland courts.  Ms. King has also assisted contractors in filing mechanic’s liens in Virginia courts.

Ms. King has successfully represented both home improvement contractors and property owners in actions both in court and before the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

Many construction contracts contain arbitration provisions, and Ms. King has many years of experience representing companies in arbitration before the American Arbitration Association.